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Flexibility for grapplers DVD by Paul Z.

    Sun, 2008-09-21 16:11 — Quest

    I wonder if anyone heard of Paul Z. grappling. He is more know for kicks, flexibility and bodyweight training. A while back he put up his grappling flexibility DVD promo. I was thinking about it. I am beggining to realize that I need flexibility, cause I have plenty of strenght and conditioning and still get sore. I have Sonnon video and it's doesn't do it for me. I also heard of gymnastics natural, that's my last resort due to cost.

    Anyhow here is a youtube video that I am refering to. It's sort of vague and that's my main concern.

    KibunInc's picture

    I would talk to Bigginz as he is a personal trainer who has given me good advice in the past.

    Also the guy on the video has tried to put out other videos on kicking but he covers kicks thats are done all of the time and tries to make it sound like he is covering something new. I found that most people lack flexability because they do not stretch. When you are watching tv just sit there and stretch. :)

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    Quest's picture

    Thanks guys.


    Hamstrings, inner leg, twisting of the leg. For example for high guards.

    As a kid I tried to sit in a stretching positon while watching TV. I would watch the whole move doing a stretch on and off. Did not seem to work. Even if I got half an inch, I would loose it the next day.

    I know the video you are refering to. That's about a front kick.
    This one right?


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    Yeah that is the video. Flexabilty does not come over night. keep it up and do not stop.

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    I really found Yoga to help me when I was tight after I had knee surgery.

    Just doing my own modified Sun Salutation really helped.

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