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Lloyd Irvin and Brandon Vera held up at gunpoint!!

    Mon, 2008-10-06 16:12 — sonicbh

    Speaking exclusively to BloodyElbow. com, world champion grappler Lloyd Irvin said his home in Accokeek, Maryland was invaded by two armed gunman on Saturday morning at approximately 4:30am.

    According to Irvin, the two gunman held Irvin, his son, wife and UFC light heavyweight contender Brandon Vera at gun point while demanding to be directed towards valuables like cash or jewelry.

    While one gunman held Irvin's family hostage, another gunman directed Irvin to the the master bedroom. According to Irvin, he led the gunman toward his bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Irvin said he noticed the other gunman was far enough away down the hall to make a move to disarm the attacker in his bedroom. Irvin, an expert in Sambo defensive gun and knife techniques, was able to get ahold of the gun in the attacker's hands, first separating the clip from the gun and then removing the gun from the attacker's hands.

    According to Irvin, no one in his family was physically hurt, although the psychological trauma at this point is considerable.

    While Vera is physically unharmed, leaving for England this Tuesday and will continue training,

    This could definitely affect Vera going into his fight against Keith Jardine at UFC 89. It is great that no one was harmed, but the lasting psychological damage could definitely impair him during his fight.

    KibunInc's picture

    Well the important thing is that no one was injured. Usually when a home invasion is done it is because people (Criminals) know there is money kept there. That is why the majority of us will never have it happen to us as the majority of us do not keep large sums of money or jewelry out our house.

    It says he was able to disarm the suspects, what happened next???? Without further info on this I guess it did not happen. :eek:

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    jleigh's picture

    I'm dissapointed they didn't shoot a commercial during the holdup...

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    three harmonies's picture

    I hate to say it, but trying to disarm someone is foolish. Give them the money and they will most likely leave. He is lucky the situation did not turn out quite, quite worse. Dare I say dire!

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    wutang's picture

    first separating the clip from the gun and then removing the gun from the attacker's hands.

    Would you take this kind of risk? Who knows if there is one in the chamber..

    Also, leaving your family with one of the armed robbers.. That's risky...

    Glad everything is ok and hope this isn't a marketing ploy.

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    three harmonies's picture

    Ditto that Wutang!

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    tatame's picture

    most of us think it's fishy

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