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Rebecca Leigh's latest interview!

    Sat, 2008-10-18 15:48 — Bevois

    Hi Rebecca. Thanks for chatting with us today and being our newest Demon Girl.

    First off, let's get through the basics...

    Age? 30, yes, I really am 30!
    Height? Tiny. 5'1"
    Measurements? 34C/26/36
    Single? What do you think? ;)

    How long have you been modeling for?
    Since I was 16.

    I must say that your pictures are awesome and we are already receiving some great feedback by our visitors! What do you do everyday to stay in that kind of shape?
    Thanks! I work out 6 days a week. I do lots of weight training and pretty intense cardio. I just started to incorporate bikram yoga into my workouts as well, which is very INTENSE! 26 crazy yoga poses, held twice, in a 110 degree room for 90 minutes. CRAZY!

    OK, so we know that you are one of the hottest Ring Girls around but how did you get involved in MMA?
    I've always been a fan of the sport. I used to watch PRIDE fighting religiously. I got connected with On the Mat out in Las Vegas and California ( and they have been so great to me. As I gained more exposure in the industry, I started to do some local fights, and now am involved on a national level. I love it!

    What MMA events have you been a Ring Girl for?
    I've worked with Operation Octagon, MMAC, and the UWC.

    Who's your favorite fighter?
    B.J. Penn!

    We see that you have a website up called . What can visitors expect from your site?
    Tons of sexy, sexy photos! I also have a members section with videos, and all kinds of goodies! I'm very proud of my site! Check it out!

    What events or shoots do you have coming up?
    So much! This Saturday I will be in Washington DC ringcarding for the UWC for the second time. The UWC is a great organization and I am so proud to be part of them. I am also shooting for a 2009 calender and going to the Playboy Mansion this fall.

    Thanks again Rebecca and Good Luck!

    Rebecca Leigh Interview

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