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New BJJ school in the Inland Empire, Ca

    Tue, 2008-10-28 10:36 — delvalle212

    Hello Friends

    I proud to announce the formation of Pinnacle Jiu-jitsu and the launch of our website:

    Please take a moment and read the Pinnacle story.

    John Munoz has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1994 and in 1999, John founded his first jiu-jitsu school in Norco, California calling it “Team USA BJJ.” In 2005, John’s assistant instructor Anthony Del Valle was given the opportunity to teach as Head Jiu-Jitsu Instructor of Knockout Fitness gym in Riverside, California. After teaching there for two years, Anthony was offered a new position as the head jiu-jitsu instructor and manager of a new MMA gym in Moreno Valley. With his experience in launching successful jiu-jitsu programs, in 2008 Anthony decided to open his first Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym in Fontana.

    During this time, another of John’s top students Jake Behney, an accomplished grappling and competitor, opened his first BJJ school in Redlands, California, under the name of “Out of the Box BJJ.”

    Each having tremendous success with their individual schools, they often cross-trained their students to make them the best they could. Even though John, Anthony and Jake have trained together for years, each has developed their own personal style of teaching and each has their own unique strengths.

    Combined together, John, Anthony and Jake have over 31 years of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu knowledge and nearly 20 years of teaching experience. Realizing that together they could produce elite grapplers, complete fighters and better schools, they united under one name called Pinnacle Jiu-jitsu.

    This is not an alliance of 3 different schools, but a union into one school. They use similar training methods, teaching philosophies and competition strategy. They each maintain their own Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school in Norco, Redlands, and Fontana, but they now operate as one, under the flag of Pinnacle Jiu-jitsu.

    We invite you to visit any of the locations to experience what they offer and become a member of this elite school of Pinnacle Jiu-jitsu.

    Thank you for your continued friendship and support, I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

    Anthony Del Valle

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    BiGGinZ;23480 wrote:
    I train in Redlands with Jake. First thing I would say is the school is filled with great people.

    Hello BigginZ, I'm glad you enjoy your training and like the guys on your Pinnacle team.

    Jake is an exceptional teacher and coach, you are in good hands.

    Take care, and train hard.


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    Did you guys know Jake Behney went to prison for a home invasion but they lied and told all the students at Pinnacle BJJ he was in japan doing a tournament? lol He is the owner of the gym and the main instructor featured on their website, what a joke. Most students there still don't know, but now you do!

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