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Grossest Ultimate Fighter Ever?

    Thu, 2008-11-06 00:19 — Gumby

    I have a little ritual on Wednesdays. I come home from class, I eat a nice meal, and I watch television with my girl. This evening my girl broiled some Tilapia, along with a cheesy risotto and we sat down to watch tonight's Ultimate Fighter. (For whatever reason, she's really into this show).

    Tonight may have been one of the grossest things I've seen on television. Almost ruined my lovely meal.

    I mean, I'm an adventurous eater, and Balut is the one thing I won't touch (and I'm from Daly City, which pretty much makes my honorary Philipino).

    Honestly, they should have warning labels on the start of the show for people like me.

    three harmonies's picture

    Could you explain?

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    LovatoJr's picture

    Yes, definitely the grossest Ultimate Fighter ever. I have a similar ritual with my girl and my food wasn't going down to well while I was watching the show.

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    Matt679's picture

    Those guys are intentionally feeding each other bodily fluids for half the show then top it off with semi developed baby chicks, that was just wrong on so many levels. Next season they'll be shitting on each other. It just makes us all look bad. Maybe they will revive Joe Rogans fear factor character for the Ultimate Finale this season.

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    wutang's picture

    The duck egg people are talking about, it was like balut? I heard about the body fluids, I hope they switched it out before he actually ate it.

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    finlayson's picture

    Yep, with last night's episode, that show has definitely hit bottom. The "balut" was only the third most disgusting thing consumed on that episode.

    It's a pity that they focus so much on all this gross stuff going on in the house, because there actually are some very good fighters there this season.

    I hope that - starting next season - they cut back on showing the fighters acting up in the house, and focus more on training and fighting. Perhaps keep the fighters in their home gyms (and, like "Tapout", show them training there) up until their first-round fight. (Before they've had their first-round fight, confidentiality isn't so important.) Then put them in the house for the quarters and semis.


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    KibunInc's picture

    I watched that episode and I lost alot of respect for some of the fighters. I believe that show did more damage for the sport then anything else. I have more respect for Nogeria for the way he teaches and I now feel that Mir is not as serious as he could be. :rolleyes:

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    Sean Roberts's picture

    ryanhall;23557 wrote:
    The latent gay vibe on TUF is ridiculous. I don't know how you guys watch it.

    Yea I only watched the 1st season. I couldn't watch it anymore.

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    DeltaSigChi4's picture

    Bad for the sport™.


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    KibunInc's picture

    ryanhall;23557 wrote:
    The latent gay vibe on TUF is ridiculous. I don't know how you guys watch it.

    It helps me realize how good my life is.. :)

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