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Grappling event in North Dakota!

    Thu, 2009-01-15 18:24 — sonicbh

    This will be held at the Dakota Magic Casino and Convention Center just south of Hankinson, ND. This is truly going to be an experience as there will also be an MMA event that night and a seminar on Sunday! Not to mention a rock concert friday night after weigh ins

    Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel
    16849 102nd St. SE
    Hankinson ND, 58041

    We want all the gyms in the area to make it out to this event. We designed this so teams could better support their teammates. Since we will be having a grappling event, mma event and seminar all in the same weekend, we want to see everyone from all the local camps! Come support your local mma fighters, grapplers and enthusiasts!

    The cost is being keep super low so we hope to have a big turnout! As for the grappling tournament we want this to be as well run as possible so any advice or help you have to offer please let us know. We currently just bought all brand new mats and each mat will have it’s own separate computer and digital scoreboard!
    Our superfight is going to be a 160 and below 8 man bracket. I have been talking to some great grapplers about coming out, including Ryan Hall, Scott Beiri, Sim Go and more if you are interested please contact me!

    If you would like to sponsor the event please let me know! All sponsorship money or product would go back to the fighters as prizes.

    As it stands below is our current schedule…

    • Friday Night at 6 pm will be MMA weigh ins followed by a live band at 9pm. Grapplers will be allowed to weigh in all day & night
    • Saturday from 8 am to 9:30 will be registration. At 10am will be a grappling and BJJ tournament. I will be having super fights so let me know who you want to see.
    • Saturday evening will be an MMA event with doors opening at 7 pm
    • Sunday morning will be the Josh Barnett seminar at Noon
    Please come and support the event and make a weekend out of it! Again we are trying to keep your price cheap so we are offering this deal! Stay at the Dakota Magic Hotel, compete at the event, watch the fights and go to the seminar all for $200!

    three harmonies's picture

    When is this? What is the closest large city to fly into?
    If you are going to organize something this big those little things would be quite important to state.

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    three harmonies's picture

    No worries. Thanks.

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