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PRO-JITSU Championship: March 20 - Close to Philadelphia, PA

    Mon, 2009-02-02 07:36 — thegoodfight

    Pro-Jitsu Gi Championships!
    Friday, March 20th

    Doors Open at 6 pm
    Event Starts at 7 pm

    Venue: Philadelphia Biblical University
    Address: 200 Manor Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047

    Spectator Tickets Are On Sale Now For Only $25!

    The Rules!

    ALL Leg Submissions EXCEPT Heel Hooks in Gi.
    Twister and Muscle Presses are legal.
    Any style takedown is permitted.
    No Neck Cranks or Boston Crab Spine Locks.

    The Points!

    1 Point: Takedown
    1 Point: Guard Pass
    1 Point: Guard Sweep
    2 Point: Mount
    2 Point: Take the Back
    3 Point: Catch (near submission where your opponent is clearly in danger of being tapped out)

    The Registration Fee!


    (Our registration fee is comparable to the BJJ Pan-Ams, which is $98 and the BJJ World Championships which is $122. Both of these highly prestigious events attract the top-players in the country. PRO-JITSU is designed to attract the same level of play; however, we are different because CASH PRIZES are awarded instead of medals.)

    The Prizes!

    1st Place: $1,500
    2nd Place: $500
    3rd Place: $250

    The Weight Classes!

    140 - 159.9 lbs.
    160 - 179.9 lbs.
    180 - 199.9 lbs.
    200 + lbs.

    The Brackets!

    Each weight class will consist of 16-man brackets. The brackets will be set up as a single elimination tournament. Once 16 athletes have registered on a first come, first serve basis the bracket will officially close.

    PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of at least 8 athletes must be registered for each weight class. If 8 athletes are not registered a refund will be given.

    The Time-Limit!

    Each Pro-Jitsu match will be 8-minutes in length. A submission ends the match and the winner will advance in the bracket. If the match goes the full 8-minutes the competitor with the most points will win and advance in the bracket.

    To Register Visit:

    To Purchase Tickets Visit:

    For more information visit:
    Or Call: 856-343-4722

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