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Chuck Liddell cheats on his fiance... now dating porn star Jayden James!

    TheComish's picture

    They dated a few years ago before he was engaged to his fiance. Chuck WAS engaged, but I guess it was broken off a little bit before the holidays. Jayden and Chuck hung out over New Years down in Mexico with friends, but I don't know if they are dating right now. I know that they are talking, but I don't think that they are dating.

    I not gonna say that I'm a close close friend of Jayden, but hang out from time to time. She's a huge fan of MMA, and we've watched a few UFC's and Showtime events together. She's a pretty cool chick when you get to know her.

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    RonWhite570's picture

    Really? Do we really need the People magazine gossip of MMA.

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    three harmonies's picture

    No different than TUF! Nothing but schlock! I would much rather see an hour of their training and fighting, then listen to them act like little douche bags at the house and get in pissing contests over trivial machismo shit. But hey, the masses love it! What do we know??

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    KibunInc's picture

    I agree with you guys. Unfortunitly the masses like the drama, and if they did not watch, we would not have as many shows to watch as there would be no money. I am always shocked as to how many people wear MMA shirts and take a few classes and think they are soooo bitchin. Just my 2 cents worth.

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