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sark security?

    Thu, 2009-03-12 14:58 — sparkinson

    Any one ever heard of sark securities. I have finally convinced my dept to send me to dt school. Would really like to go to Tony Blauers Spear course. I'm a cop in Pa, and now these sark guys are putting on a class. My Lt got wind of it and asked what I thought about them. Went to their website and I am not feeling it, too commercial. Tried searching for reviews, but couldn't find anything. I have been boxing and doing bjj for about a year and a half now, don't want to waste my time and depts money. I went to a state police course and it was a joke.

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    message for mm

    Hey MM,
    We've got an LE groundfighting and DT program in NorCal, would you mind if I posted some info here?

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    Gracie Tahoe;24345 wrote:
    Hey MM,
    We've got an LE groundfighting and DT program in NorCal, would you mind if I posted some info here?

    Post the info here and any upcomming events. :D

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    I received this letter from SARK Security. Anyone who would like to post about their business can, the only time I will eliminate a post is if the person is selling something that is designed to hurt law enforcement. Out of respect to the forum SARK requested to respond to a post here and I have moved his response here for all to read. I thank SARK for their approach here. Please post any upcomming LEO events.

    Thank you,
    David Welp
    AKA: MM, Jiu-Jitsu Cop, KibunInc


    I noticed a post referencing my organization, I would like to address. I am not a he said she said professional. I have attached the post I would be posting in ref. to the Sark Security Question.

    Any issues with this?

    Background information regarding Sark Securities Inc.

    We are not nor will we ever become a commercialized research based training organization. We do not produce DVDs, Hollywood Films or pay for articles to be published to reach the masses. Our only advertisement to the LE community consist of listing courses coming up on

    Our focus remains within the depth of our instruction not the size of our footprint in today’s heavily populated and grossly watered down industry. We travel simply via word-of-mouth, the only way in our opinion to ensure we continue to grow throughout the professional community.

    You will not find ANY Agency or Unit endorsements publically displayed on our website

    Our method of approach is simple, once you have been vetted as verifiable source “trainer” of Military, LE/Federal community we will open the lines for you to speak directly with a client working in a like-kind capacity. This is a conversation that we do not need to be a part of. Any serious trainer does not have time to hear some company gloat over their past accomplishments.

    We are a very direct organization in that we specifically “target” the instructor community not novice professionals. The approach most companies shy away from for the obvious reasons. Our mission is to advance our present “Elite” not spoon feed regurgitated tactics, techniques and procedures. We are not an organization of egos rather a team of life learners. Everyone has their specific specialty where they are continuously tasked to exceed above the industry standard. There is no room for the one-stop-shop instructor within our organization.

    Our standard policy is that a paying instructor is entitled to bring a competent senior advisor from their respective agency to conduct an official review of our services. If we are not 100% squared away and our client is not satisfied then that agency shall receive a FULL refund for tuition.

    At the end of the day all we have is our reputation. Anything that maturates over night can dissipate over night. We are here for the long haul. I fully understand why you would want to go to a Tony Blauer’s course; he runs a highly respected organization.


    Chris Ghannam

    Out of professional courtesy for this forum, I do not feel it would be appropriate to provide any additional information at this time. I will leave that up to the moderator. Please remember we do not publically endorse any system, we openly encourage cross training across a very wide spectrum. There is knowledge and skill to be gained everywhere. The ability to build application is another story.

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    I have taught Police tactics course before so I am going to try to break this down the best I can. I am not aware of PA and how it works there so I am going to base my response on how it works in Cali. Here in Cali we have what is called POST (Police Officer Standard of Training). They have standards for what techniques are allowed in use of force (Of course we all can use deadly force, even with our hands if needed).

    Once you are a certified as a Police Tactics instructor you can summitt the course you want to teach to your agency for approval by POST. Once it is approved then you can testify in court that the officer is using POST approved used of force tactics.

    If you have somthing similar to this in PA then I suggest you get certified as a tactics instructor (if you are not already) then teach what you believe works best (BJJ and boxing)? Just get approval from which ever organization (Or your own agency) as to what can be used or taught to Officers.

    I find that all law enforcement courses are watered down Martial arts so that the techniques are easy to learn. What you need to do is remember to protect your gun and teach NOT TO PULL OUT YOUR GUN IF YOU ARE CLOSE ENOUGH WHERE THE SUSPECT CAN TAKE IT FROM YOU. I did a Police video on how to beat a MMA fighter ( but all of the tchniques are just simplified MMA techniqes. Also ask this question at My screen name over there is Jiu-Jitsu Cop.

    Post any other question you may have and I will try to get you an answer.

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