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Used BJJ to choke out an "old friend" today

    Tue, 2009-04-14 00:13 — 21tomlinson

    Earlier today, I saw a guy I had known for most of my life but hadn't seen for about 8 years. This guy used to bully me in elementary school quite a bit and even some in high school, but in high school it sort of became friendly bullying. The guy would usually hold me on the ground and dig his knuckles into my ribs or something while I would lay there helpless telling him to stop. So anyway, I saw him today while visiting a friend's house and we exchanged a high five and greeting, etc. I asked what he'd been doing the past few years and he complimented me on losing a few pounds since high school(I used to be pretty overweight but now I'm fairly lean.) So anyway, then he starts with "Well I guess you think since you're not fat anymore that you can kick my ass or something right? You know I can still beat you up!" The comment pissed me off a little bit but I kind of laughed it off and then told him "Ok, well take your best shot tough guy!" So he charges at me and pushes me back into the wall, and I promptly moved off the wall, jumped guard on him and pulled him down to the ground. He started going crazy trying to punch me in the ribs again so I opened my guard and easily threw a triangle on him. He attempted a few more weak punches in my ribs and then went to sleep for a few seconds.

    He did his best to save face afterwards, forcing a laugh and saying I'd been "Watching too much fucking UFC." I was humble about choking him out, but the high schooler inside of me was happy as heck.

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    ChokeTheFace;24417 wrote:
    Shoulda cross-choked him with his t-shirt.

    Would that work with a T-shirt?

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    KibunInc's picture

    21tomlinson;24420 wrote:
    Would that work with a T-shirt?

    It can if the shirt is of good quality. Sounds like the triangle worked out great. Way to go. :)

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    Matt679's picture

    The t shirt cross choke can work even with a crappy t if you sit up and reach over like grabbing the belt and pull the bottom of the t up to the collar then grab the bunched up material like a rope to finish the cross choke.

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    Its a good idea to carry a sharpie for those occasions so you can leave a nice note on him somewhere to find later when he wakes up.

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