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What is the best way to maintain and submit from the mount position?

    Thu, 2009-04-16 11:20 — 21tomlinson

    As I've progressed in my jiu jitsu training, I've been attaining the mount position alot more often in my rolling sessions. I have a problem once I get there though. Most times, especially if the guy is advanced, the guy ends up rolling me over and coming into my closed guard, or knee-elbow escaping to half guard. I'm timid about trying for chokes because I already know the guy is going to block my arm and foot and roll me over, and the same is true if I try applying an americana. Just wondering if anyone has a move or two that they like doing for keeping the mount and finishing with a submission. Thanks for the info.

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    First of all I do not like the mount. If the guy on the bottom is stronger then you, then you will probably get rolled over. Before I tend to go for a move like an americana I switch back to side control and lock the arm.

    You said you do not like to try moves as you get swept or they pass you. It sounds like you are rolling just to survive. This way of trainnig will never allow you to get any better. You have to try new moves to enhance your skills. You will get caught but eventually you will end up better.

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