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Patrycja Mikula: Saddest MMA Groupie In The World!

    Wed, 2009-06-17 22:11 — walrus

    Patrycja Mikula was happier than a pig in poo last summer. She had two former UFC champions (Arlovski and Sylvia) fighting over her, after they left the UFC to join the much more metro Affliction.

    Arlovski got butt hurt that she was spending time with Sylvia and the "How's taste my big pee pee?" quote was born. Patrycja bagged two top heavyweights and was strutting her stuff in true fighter groupie form. A role model for all aspiring fighter groupies to look up to.

    Even after Fedor made Sylvia play the 3-tap symphony and made Arlovki do the vertical Ickey Shuffle, Patrycja just pointed to the fact that it was Fedor and that she was still the Queen of all Groupies.

    Well folks, this past week has been a train wreck for Patrycja. Arlovski and Sylvia just got viciously ghetto blasted within a week of each other. Rogers flatlined Arlovski in 22 seconds, exactly one week before Mercer decimated Sylvia in 9 seconds.

    I think it would be nice if everyone left a few words of encouragement here, that we can send to Patrycja in her time of need. We can then forward it to her e-mail or post it on her Twitter, whatever the cool kids are doing these days!

    Click here for pics and videos:

    KibunInc's picture

    Hey she can be my groupie:D:D

    Maybe it is time for her to move onto Fedor.

    I tried to leave her a message but I do not have a google account. :mad:

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