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Dana White Speaks On UFC's History And Future

    Thu, 2009-07-09 22:26 — chernobyl kid

    With the historical UFC 100 event quickly approaching, much of the pre-fight hype has not only centered on the particular bouts set to take place, which is generally the case, but also on the significance of this milestone moment in MMA history. And whether you like him or not, UFC President Dana White has been at the forefront of turning this sport we all love into the viable, mainstream attraction it is today. Dana recently sat down to reminisce on the UFCs history as well as share his views on where the UFC is going in the future.

    When we sat down and we started this whole thing, we were passionate about it. We loved it. It was never about the money with this thing. We loved the idea of building a sport. Whens the last time a sport was built?

    Im 39 years old, Im not ready to retire yet. When you talk about retiring, retiring to me is youre done. Youve accomplished everything you could accomplish. Theres nothing left to do, its all been done. Were not even close to that yet, White said.

    Take soccer for example, the same game of soccer that we play here in the United States is the same game they play in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Croatia, Italy, etc. When mixed martial arts is played all over the world by the same rules, then its a sport. Thats my goal. When Ive accomplished that, maybe thats the end for me.

    A lot of the brash Presidents actions have been questioned over the years, most recently his vulgar outburst directed at Sherdog reporter Loretta Hunt, but one thing that you cannot deny is the fact that he has stayed true to his character from day one.

    One of the things about me is that I dont (expletive). Youre never going to wonder where you sit with me, White said. If were cool, youre gonna absolutely, positively know we are. If were not, youre gonna absolutely, positively know were not.

    Some people are weirded out by how competitive I am. But Im no different than any other business, I just let you know. Youre never going to hear Nevada State Bank try to say theyre going to kick Bank of Americas ass, but they are. Thats what they are trying to do. Theyre trying to beat them at the same business.

    People that come in and say Im gonna try to compete with the UFC because they dont do this right, and they dont do that right, or were better at this and were better at that. Now you just picked a fight with me and now were gonna fight until somebodys here and somebodys not, White said.

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