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Former UFC octagon girl Edith Labelle discusses details of recent dismissal

    Thu, 2009-09-03 17:16 — chernobyl kid

    For those still wondering, yes, it's true.

    Former UFC octagon girl Edith Labelle's departure from the organization was not by her own choice.

    Labelle spoke with AOL FanHouse about her dismissal from the organization following UFC 100, and the Canadian said food poisoning played a major role in the series of events that eventually forced her out of the UFC.

    "After the UFC Expo and weigh-ins (at UFC 100), I went to dinner," Labelle told AOL FanHouse. "Then I attended some of the pre-parties with some of the UFC management, some of the octagon girls, some of the fighters. And then I started to feel ill. I wasn't feeling good, so I decided to go to bed. I really wanted to be in good shape for the next day, obviously. Then I started to feel worse throughout the night and the next day."

    Labelle said she blamed the illness on food poisoning, though she admits she did not contact a doctor for assistance.

    According to Labelle, after she contacted UFC officials on the day of UFC 100 to explain her situation, she was told to stay in her hotel room.

    Labelle was released by the organization shortly after UFC 100, though the UFC never officially commented on the change. Rumors spread that a hangover after a night of hard partying led Labelle to miss the event, though the dismissed Octagon Girl denies those claims.

    Labelle told AOL FanHouse she holds no ill feelings toward the UFC, and she is currently working on a number of new projects that include acting and fitness modeling.

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    Damn that is cold, on the flip side I kinda hope it was because she had a hang over from partying with the fighters.....kinda gives me hope. :eek:

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