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Bob Arum calls MMA fighters homosexual

    Fri, 2009-09-11 19:38 — KibunInc

    Bob Arum who is known for his boxing commentaries talked about MMA. He said the fighters are guys rolling around like homosexuals on the ground. He also said that MMA fans are a bunch of skinheaded white guys. The reporter starts to argue with him over his statements. Starts about 4:49

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    GLAAD blasted Bob Arum about it this morning:

    GLAAD condemns Arum's comments and calls on him to make a swift and sincere apology. This kind of gratuitous anti-gay commentary has no place in the public discourse and we’ll be reaching out to Arum directly to voice our concerns.

    Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Makes Anti-Gay Comments

    This is particularly funny, since Arum is the same tard that criticized Dana for saying something even less homophobic last spring:

    In the video by White, he uses a derogatory term for a homosexual. In regards to White's rant, Boxing Promoter Bob Arum was quoted by the LA Times. When told of White's comments, Arum was not impressed, dissing White, Arum stated that White is "a little too much of a loose cannon. He's nuts, man."

    Boxing Promoter Bob Arum disses UFC President Dana White

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    The guy's an idiot - not worthy of a response.


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    KibunInc's picture

    I think he is buckling to the pressure of boxing not being the leading form of fighting entertainment out there anymore. :)

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    Bob Arum is an old hater. He will never be Don King...NEVER!!

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