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2009 ADCC Superfight - Robert Drysdale vs. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza

    Sat, 2009-09-26 07:16 — Bevois

    Robert Drysdale and Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza are very familair with each other's games, which includes recently spending time training MMA together at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two men slap hands and the superfight is underway and Jacare waists no time by engaging Drysdale fast. Drysdale is fighting from his back in half-guard. They both go back to standing again, where Jacare tests reaping Drysdale's foot for a possible takedown.

    They are forehead to forehead now, as Jacare gets the inside trip and takes Drysdale down. Drysdale is now in full butterfly-guard, as Jacare relentlessly tries to pass. They are both standing in the center again. Jacare momentarily attempts to go deep in on a shot, but he gets out quick. He comes back to pick Drysdale's foot again and Drysdale is on his back. Drysdale now has Jacare back in his full butterfly-guard.

    The two make their way out of bounds and now they are in the center standing again. They begin fighting for grips, as Jacare picking up the rhythm and looking for the angle for another inside trip. Jacare goes in for another single-leg takedown, but it is defended by Drysdale's guillotine choke threat. They continue on their feet, circling and momentarily locking up. Drysdale shoots for a takedown, but Jacare defends and now they are both on their feet again.

    Jacare gets his rhythm going again to set up the inside trip, which drives Drysdale to the ground again. This time he hits the takedown inside the scoring period. They make their way out of bounds and now they are standing in the center again. Drysdale is driven out of bounds again by Jacare during a takedown attempt. For a moment Drydale had Jacare's back, but he slid right off, and almost wound up in Jacare's side control. The two are now standing again.

    Drysdale shoots, but is pretty far out and Jacare defends the takedown attempt. Drysdale shoots again, but he can't land it and finds himself holding Jacare in his butterfly-guard. Jacare comes storming back with fancy footwork and alters his levels, which is usually is a sign that another takedown attempt is on the horizon.

    Suddenly, the referee lets them know that the time in the match is up and Jacare begins to celebrate. He did in fact win the match on points 2-0 via takedown. Jacare does his famous "Alligator Dance", where he crawls across the mat in celebration. Jacare is the superfight winner of the 2009 ADCC, which will earn him an estimated $40,000. Meanwhile, Drysdale will earn an estimated $10,000 for his efforts.

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