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Junie Browning drug overdose led to arrest and UFC release

    Thu, 2009-10-08 16:37 — chernobyl kid

    Following the report that Junie Browning had been treated for a drug overdose, it has also been revealed that his arrest led to him being dropped by the UFC.

    Browning was taken to a hospital in Henderson, NV, on Tuesday night where he was treated for ingesting 16 anti-anxiety pills. After assaulting three hospital workers and shouting out a verbal tirade about murder and rape, he was arrested by Henderson police.

    According to Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports, Browning was charged with three counts of battery. He has already been released from the Henderson Detention Center.

    Dana White, quoted by Iole, was very disappointed to hear of Browning's drug abuse and arrest. Browning, who had been known to have issues with alcohol and anger, had reportedly stayed out of trouble for quite some time.

    "You could tell on the show he had issues," said White. "I saw [fighting"> as an opportunity for the kid to turn his life around and make something of himself. Physically, he's very gifted. He is good at everything: stand up, he has great ground, he has an unbelievably good chin.

    "He was given an amazing opportunity, but he has some serious issues that are beyond me and what I can do. I'm there for guys and I realize nobody is perfect and guys are going to get into trouble. When that happens, I want to try to help and do something for them. But he needs more help than I can give him. I did what I could for him."

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    Yeah like no one saw this comming!!!! :eek:

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