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101 Submissions Chapter 2

    The sequel to the best selling 101 Submissions
    List Price: $15.00
    Price: $29.99

    101 submissions Chapter 2 features the top grapplers showing you their best setups and submissions.

    A new feature that has been included in this sequel includes submissions broken down into categories which include: arm attacks, chokes, leg attacks, triangles, and other attacks.

    This DVD is a great learning tool for anyone beginning their submission training or advanced grapplers looking to add new tools to their game.

    101 Submissions Chapter 2 includes over 1 year of competition footage from around the world compressed into 138 mintues on intense action from the greatest events in the world.

    Check out the line up of fighters....

    Marcelo Garcia

    Josh Griffiths

    Brian Cimins

    Marc Laimon

    Justin Dorio

    Jeff Monson

    Mike Fowler

    Jeff Glover

    Amal Easton

    Mayhem Miller

    BJ Penn

    Gary Grate

    Rafael LovatoJr.

    Jamal Patterson

    Chris Moriarty

    Simpson Go

    Pedro Brandao

    Marco Costa

    Gazzy Parman

    Diego Sanchez

    Ruy Nakajima

    Dave Jacobs


    Javi Vazquez

    Marcos Avellan

    Rob Bihn

    Sean Spangler

    Brian Ozinga

    Pablo Popovitch

    Russ Miura

    Jake Shields

    Richard Mancao

    Cade Nelson

    Erica Montoya

    Raphale Assuncao

    Daniel Thomas

    Ulysses Gomez

    Renato Tavares

    Damien Hirtz

    Eliot Marshall

    Alexander Crispim

    Thiago Tavares

    Dave Bollea

    Gabe Barahona

    Steve Headen

    Danny Lauzon

    Ralek Gracie

    Jared Rollins

    Adisa Banjoko

    Danny DoNothing

    Alex "Patriot" Perez

    Dave Camarillo

    Cameron Earle

    Bill Cooper

    Xande Ribeiro

    Noman Rana

    Carl Fisher

    Charles Gracie

    Chris Moriarty

    Eddie Bravo

    Scott Bieri

    Saulo Ribeiro

    Jon Fitch

    Jennifer Locke

    Alberto Crane

    Ryron Gracie

    Marcio Gomes

    Mikyo Riggs

    Erik Wanderlay

    Thiago Vella

    Tony DeSouza

    Scotty Nelson

    Paul Bridges

    Nick Diaz J

    ohnny Orozco

    Luke Stewart

    Shawn Williams

    Brat Court

    Greg Ashbury

    Chuck Jefferson

    Kelly Paul

    Kurt Osiander

    Sandro "Batata" Santiago

    Paul Schreiner

    Mike Weaver

    Ryan Gregg

    Nino Schembri

    Weight: 1 lb.

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