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BTF Vinyl Thai Style Boxing Gloves

    Now in Vinyl and still just as great!

    10-18 oz

    List Price: $44.99
    Price: $44.99

     This glove is based off the traditional Thai pattern for a great fit. The glove has 2" of foam padding hand laid evenly over the entire hand to ensure proper protection. The wide strap with hook and loop closure ensures a sung fit while supporting the wrist. 

    Weight: 1 lb.

    10-18 oz


    clyde's picture

    This type of gloves are for


    This type of gloves are for commercial use, and those gloves that have been used by famous boxers are customize, they are made to simply fit and comfortably to their hands.
    Clyde Ross "sport venturer for http://www.dynamitepicks.com/"

    Amber Mullens's picture

    What type of gloves will be

    What type of gloves will be use on pacquiao vs marquez fight? I’m just curious for there are different kinds of gloves and I don’t have any idea on which is the best for fighting or I guess the confidence upon using matters and this will depend on the boxer.

    dennisjake's picture

     Is this gloves using also

     Is this gloves using also trout vs cotto tickets coz i plan to bought that one for my day training and to be a professional boxer like them.

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