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Built to Fight Air Maxx IFT Boxing Gloves

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    10-18 oz

    Built to Fight Air Maxx IFT Boxing Gloves
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    Boxing Gloves arguably are the most important tool in training. Boxing and Thai Gloves have come close to perfection with years of people training in combat sports, yet there are still improvements that can be made. Using top quality material is the most important in the production of boxing gloves, because of the sheer volume of use they get. Your boxing gloves have to last through countless hours of training. That is why we have created a new industry standard,  the One-Year Equipment Warranty on all Boxing Gloves. Injected Foam Technology provides you with years of training. This high-quality process makes one piece of foam throughout the glove and keeps it from becoming misshapen like the lower-quality knock-offs. 


    A new hybrid Boxing Glove had to be created for MMA Training. We are the first company to implement modifications in traditional boxing gloves. Boxing for MMA is not the same as traditional boxing. There are different angles, as well as the "ground and pound" game, so it is important to properly protect yourself and your sparring partner. The innovative changes we have made to the glove will improve your ability to train effectively and safely.


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    Weight: 1.2 lb.

    10-18 oz

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