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Cholitzu DVD

    Cholitzu with Tony DeSouza!
    Cholitzu DVD
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    Created by the ingenuity of the ancient Incan warrior spirit and affected by the chaotic modern day Peruvian living conditions. Cholitzu is based on the positioning of college wrestling and influenced by the creativity of Jiu Jitsu. 

    "My style is Cholitzu, and I have been working on it since I was 13. I have always been searching for ways to inflict pain and hurt my opponents. Cholo is the derogatory name that the people call the Peruvian descendent of Inca. It's the Jiu-Jitsu style of the Cholos here in Peru. My style of wrestling has always been unorthodox. I did not wrestle to win, but rather to hurt my opponent and make him submit. 

    Tony DeSouza

    This DVD covers:

    Double Leg
    Transition to the Ground
    High Crotch
    Outside Single
    Defensive Stance
    Attacking off the Sprawl
    Monkey Guard
    Single Leg Defenses and Transitions
    High Crotch Defense
    Leg Riding and the Back
    Submissions off the back
    Monk Guard
    Body Lock
    Passing & Finishing

    Over 2 hours and fifteen minutes worth of material!

    Weight: 1 lb.

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