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Darrell Gholar's Ultimate Throws

    For Vale Tudo No-Holds-Barred Fighting!
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    This takedown series is important for No-Holds-Barred fighting because almost every fight ends up with the fighters in the clinch or tie-up position. If one knows and understands upper-body ties and takedowns he can score an easy takedown from the clinch position. This is the reason so many Greco-roman wrestlers do well in NHB fighting. (Matt Lindlen, Randy Couture, Dan Henderson) They use upper-body ties to score effortless throws and takedowns on opponents. Understanding the clinch position also affords fighters a chance to rest and recover. Rather than fight to keep from getting thrown you can re-group and strategize before resuming the fight.

    Anyone who studies this series will find it easy and very helpful for learning how to score upper body throws on opponents in NHB fighting.

    Darrel Gholar

    Weight: 1 lb.

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