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Grapplers Quest 2008-2009 All Star Pro DVD

    Grapplers Quest, The World s Largest and Most Prestigious Submission Grappling Tournament, returns with the 2008-2009 All-Star Pro Submission Challenge!
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    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $19.99


    Pitting Thirty-Two World Class Submission Grapplers, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighters, Sambo and Judo Players. Several Mixed Martial Arts superstars are against each other in four separate weight classes to determine the best of the best ground fighting warriors with full color commentary. 

    This Four-Hour star-studded event features 4 Separate Weight Classes including: 

    Men s Lightweight (159.9 lbs. and below) Challenge includes: Ruben Cobrinha Charles (Jacare Cavalcanti/Alliance), Wilson Reis (EliteXC Veteran/BJJ United), Bruno Tostes (Renzo Gracie), Dave Jacobs (Yamasaki), Jonathan JT Torres (Lloyd Irvin), Justin Rader (Rafael Lovato, Jr./Saulo Ribeiro), Daniel Aguilar (Premier MA), Tim Hart (Balance Studios), and Mike Wacker (Black Hole/Rob Kahn) 

    Mens Welterweight (160-179.9 lbs.) Challenge includes: Ryan Hall (Lloyd Irvin), Fabio Holanda (Brazilian Top Team Canada), Lucas Lepri (Alliance NYC), Rick Macauley (Team Balance /NJMA), Jay Hayes (BJJ United), Travis Tooke (Machado), Giedrius Karavackas (Yamasaki), and Brendan Raedy (Lloyd Irvin) 

    Mens Cruiserweight (180-199.9 lbs.) Challenge includes: David Branch (Renzo Gracie NYC), Kevin Lutz (Team Balance/NJMA), Pablo Alves (Gracie Barra San Diego), James Brasco (Pablo Popovitch), Dave Gill (Lloyd Irvin), Fred Ramie (Gracie Barra Boston), Kevin Sheridan (Alliance NYC), and Derek Picinich (Renzo Gracie/Silverfox) 

    Mens Heavyweight (200 lbs. and Over) Challenge includes: Rick Migliarese (Team Balance), John Toth (Saulo Ribeiro), Tom Muller (Scarola Jiu Jitsu), Bruce Hoyer (Next Edge Academy), Doug Fournet (Gladiator/U.S. Sambo Team), Ronald Stallings (Lloyd Irvin) and Mike Stewart (Jungle Gym/Justin Garcia) 

    NEW FEATURE -Includes Voiceover Color Commentary by: Chris Sav Savarese, Royler Gracie Black Belt and owner/head instructor of Savarese Jiu Jitsu in Lyndhurst, New Jersey (NJBJJ.com) and Josh Griffiths, UFC Veteran, Kenny Florians 1st Black Belt and owner/head instructor of Jiu Jitsu Inc. in New York City (JiuJitsuInc.com).

    Weight: 1 lb.

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