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Kennedy KS Skin Creme

    The Original Skin Créme for Athletes
    Kennedy KS Skin Creme
    SKU: KNDY KS Skin Creme
    List Price: $22.50
    Price: $22.50

     Kennedy has been in business and protecting athletes from bacteria on the mat for over twenty years. With proper application the Creme athletes will be protected from bacteria that can cause staph, ring worm, and a ton of other skin diseases. A lot of these diseases not only come from the mats, but by skin-to-skin contact with someone who is infected but may not know it. For best protection, make sure you apply the creme properly.
    Proper application requires that the skin be completely dry, because this is a pre-practice protector and will not work on sweaty skin. Also, do not think that rash guards or singlets will protect you. Apply the creme on your back, stomach, legs, arms, and any hard to reach places. This will give you a proper protective layer on your skin for up to four hours.
    For after practice protection check out Kennedy's Skin Wipes here!

    Weight: 2 lb.


    dally's picture

    To be frank I didn't know


    To be frank I didn't know that this kind of skin creme exists, I wondered about the possibility once. As an athlete I need to care for my health and be cautious. I never had bad experiences before in this context but I do want to stay protected. It's one of the reasons why I keep myself informed about how to have a healthy beautiful skin from this JollySkinCare blog. It's been a real help so far.

    gerry's picture

     I have heard this one, but I


     I have heard this one, but I never tried it because this seems to be limited in various stores, so as protection and another personal grooming ideas, I always head to http://www.shoppingformen.com.au/product-category/mens-colognes-and-aftershave/ as I always find several skin and personal care products.

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