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OTM Hawaii Gi - Black

    OTM Hawaii Gi - Black
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    List Price: $199.99
    Price: $199.99

    This new superlight gi was designed by Scott la Rock from the world famous Da Hui crew on the North Shore. It features authentic Hawaiian style art that is all embroidered and woven label. No cheap silk screened logos. This will be a limited edition gi.

    This is a new superlight weave that is very breathable and yet still very durable. The whole gi weighs less than 3 pounds and is perfect for training on a hot Hawaiian day or where ever you are. The pants are a light weight rip stop material with a triple gusset crotch. Pants are triple and double stitched and re enforced in all the right spots. Draw string is folded fabric so it will not rip or stretch. The collar is a UVA foam collar with rip stop material.

    100% Pre Shrunk Cotton.

    5'2"-5'5" | 110-140 | A1
    5'5"-5'9" | 140-170 | A2
    5'9"-6'1" | 170-200 | A3
    6'0"-6'4" | 200-250 | A4
    6'0"-6'4" | 225-275 | A5
    6'4"-6'6" | 275-300 | A6
    6'6"- 6'8"| 300-350 | A7

    0 - 4'9-5'1" 95lbs
    00 - 4'6-4'10" 75lbs
    000 - 4'3-4'7" 55lbs
    0000 - 4'4" - Smaller -Less than 55lbs

    Weight: 5 lb.

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