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Position Impossible 3 DVD set

    The long awaited Dave Camarillo: Position Impossible DVD set is here!
    Positions Impossible 3 DVD set Dave Camarillo
    SKU: otmmpi3dvd3dvd
    List Price: $119.99
    Price: $119.99


    Finally the instructional that bridges the gaps between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo and transforms both into the ultimate art! Dave Camarillo who has competed at the highest levels of both arts shares his secrets! In 3 DVDs!

    This three DVD set is packed into five seperate missions: 

    Mission 1: Secrets of the Judoka 

    Mission 2: Secrets of Jiu Jitsu for Ne-Waza

    Mission 3: Flying Attacks 

    Mission 4: Submissions 

    Mission 5: Transitioning to Attack Throws, submissions, flying attacks, drills, and insight from one of the most dynamic competitors and instructors around, Dave Camarillo. 

    More than any other set weve ever produced we expect this to revolutionize the martial arts world!

    Weight: 1 lb.

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