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Renato Tavares Gi and No Gi DVD

    From one of the most educated and experienced Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Specialists!
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    Price: $39.99


    These professional Mixed Martial Arts Competitors on the DVD have also included Gi and No-Gi techniques.

    Designed to help the form and structure of the most important and vital positions in the submission arts. Renato Tavares will teach you how to transition from the takedown, to the pass, and to the submission as well as throw in a few unknown and secretly developed moves that he uses to take out his opponents.

    Inside this DVD
    Takedowns from the Clinch
    Lapel Passes
    Lapel Chokes
    Sidemount Control
    Armbar from Side Control
    Armlock Sweep to Mount
    Chicken Wing Wristlock
    Positions from 69
    Head Scissor Submissions

    Renato Tavares is a teacher at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. A former student of Carlson GRacie and a member of Brazilian Top Team, his style comes from the main innovator and father of modern Jiu Jitsu.


    Weight: 1 lb.

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