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OTM Gi - SLC 420

    Super Light Competition Gi

    SKU: OTMGiSLC420
    List Price: $159.99
    Price: $159.99

     The OTM SLC 420 Competition BJJ Gi is a 420 gram weight jacket top made of traditional pearl style weave material. The gi features a UVA foam collar that is heat resistant. The pants are made from 8 oz rip stop material. This is a good competition gi and daily training gi. The clean look of the gi allows for the easy addition of your school's patches and logos.

    Size Chart


    A1 5’4” - 5”8 155lbs 

    A2 5’8” - 5’11” 185 lbs 

    A3 5’11” - 6’3” 210lbs 

    A4 6’2” - 6’6” 250lbs 

    A5 6’5” - 6’10” 290lbs 

    A6 6’9” - + 290Lbs

    Weight: 3 lb.


    gerry's picture

    This is perfect and unique

    This is perfect and unique sports gift for men, I have friend with the same interest of sports, he would likely love to have this sportswear. Last year, I gave him menswear gift that I bought from http://www.shoppingformen.com.au/product-category/mens-leisure-and-sports-items/, untill now, I am seeing he wears the shirts.

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