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From Vale Tudo To MMA - 100 Years Of Fighting

    From Vale Tudo to MMA
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    Price: $44.95

     "From Vale Tudo to MMA", pieces together the most memorable chapters from these 100 years of fighting, through pictures of the warriors who wrote ever line in this story.  From Helio and Carlson, through the generation which launched the sport on the international stage, with frontrunners Rickson, Royce and Ruas, and reaching the generation that established it, thanks to Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Aldo and so many other great champions of our time.

          Marcelo Alonso started out as a photographer and reporter for KIAI magazine, in 1992.  Later, he would spend 15 years as editor for Tatame.  In 20 years as a martial arts journalist, Alonso worked as a correspondent for a number of international vehicles.  Through his photos and reports, many great icons of the sport, such as Rodrigo Minotauro, Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, were introduced to the world even before they made history inside the ring.  Currently, Alonso is a host for Combate Channel, and partner of the PVT website and publishing house.
         Susumu Nagao is regarded as the world's greatest MMA photographer, and was the only professional to cover the first 60 UFC shows and ever single Pride show.  Responsible for some of the most memorable pictures in the history of the sport, Nagaoclicked photos for the world's most respected combat sports publications, including Gong Magazine and Kakutougi Tsushin.  He has also been the official photographer of the UFC.
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