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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Francisco

    10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Francisco
    333 Valencia
    San Francisco CA 94103
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    Denny Prokopos is the


    Denny Prokopos is the standard-bearer of Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet system and the head instructor of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, San Francisco. At an age when many new fighters are just getting started, Denny had already won a world title, the Mundials, at the brown belt level. He became interested in grappling as a child, excelling on his high school wrestling team. Applying uncommon diligence in refining his technique, he inevitably grew beyond wrestling to no-gi grappling. When the 10th Planet system emerged in 2004, Denny was immediately drawn to the innovative, no-gi theme, which was reminiscent of his wrestling background. Denny predicted the future of jiu jitsu and wanted to stay at the forefront of the art - mastering a system that, by its own terms, chooses to continue evolving. To achieve his goals, he was regularly training at home in San Francisco, cutting classes whenever possible to drive down to Hollywood and study under Eddie Bravo. (But don't worry, parents... your children can benefit from his sacrifice while still making honor roll). Symbolic of his commitment, Denny is the system's first Black Belt. While Denny's personal knowledge of jiu jitsu is first rate, he has also developed a distinctive teaching style along the way. Denny disassembles techniques into their most singular components and ensures that his students absorb every step, teaching every class and cultivating every student. As a result, students learn more quickly and become more confident in their abilities. Click here for Denny's Career Highlights and keep checking for fight updates.-taken from the website


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