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    Genesis Jiu Jitsu February Newsletter

    Tue, 2011-02-08 17:23 — MANOJ13 <----- CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE THE FULL SIZE VERSION!!!

    One Year layoff turns out to be a great thing!!!

    Tue, 2011-02-08 15:44 — bjjbo

    Carol Vidal Lebre, a brown belt at The Gracie San Diego, stepped back onto the competition mat this past weekend at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in Las Vegas, NV. Carol is a brown belt under her husband Regis Lebre, head instructor at Gracie San Diego. Carol has been training & competing for 11 years and has won some of the most prestige tournaments that Jiu Jitsu has to offer. What many in the jiu jitsu community don’t know is that Carol took the past year and half to give birth to her and Regis’ 1st child, Rauan.

    Jay Hayes- Being a Good Training Partner

    Mon, 2011-02-07 18:03 — monta2damax

    While most forms of marital arts rely solely on katas, forms, and constant repetition , in Brazilian jiu-jitsu most of the stuff we learn and practice must be used with a training partner. Everyday on the mat we come in contact with different people each with their own unique style of doing jiu-jitsu, some providing a great help in our training while some crippling our progression. Over the years there has been a lot of different opinions over what defines a good training partner.

    April 16: THE GOOD FIGHT Virginia Open 2011

    Mon, 2011-02-07 07:07 — thegoodfight

    THE GOOD FIGHT: Virginia Open 2011
    Date: Saturday, April 16
    Venue: Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex
    Address: 5700 Warhill Tr. Williamsburg, VA 23188
    IBJJF Rules & Weight-Classes! (see website for details)
    FREE Tee's to ALL competitors!...Plus, full-color custom medals to placewinners.

    Another IBJJF title for Mackenzie Dern!!!

    Thu, 2011-02-03 12:27 — bjjbo

         Mackenzie Dern of Gracie Humaita & Megaton Jiu Jitsu wins again at the European Open in Lisbon, Portugal. Mackenzie showed us once again that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    Dan Faggella vs Giant

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    Gi Raffle for a Cause at the 6th AZ Open!

    Tue, 2011-02-01 21:26 — JayPagesJJ

    ** Lucky Gi Raffle **

    Jeff Glover Signature Gi

    Beyond the Mat with Budo Jake

    Tue, 2011-02-01 18:51 — monta2damax

    An enthusiast is a person who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit. While most Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners main focus is to reach world championship status there are some that just have a genuine love for the art. In this interview we take a look at how a man took his love for martial arts and turn it into a successful business that has helped take Brazilian jiu-jitsu to the mainstream.

    Leo Santos (7 Time BJJ World Champ Interview) Attn promoters Leo is ready to fight in 2011!

    Mon, 2011-01-31 16:24 — OTM News

    There was a time in MMA's infancy when facing a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    black belt resulted in an almost instantaneous loss by submission if
    the fight hit the mat.  Sport grappling virtuosos like Fabricio Werdum
    and Demian Maia generated such a buzz when they crossed over that they
    may as well have tread to the cage upon a trail of red roses.  If major
    promotions were not immediately throwing out offers, their eyes were
    keenly trained on how these submission wizards fared.

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