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    BJJ Competition and Seminar List for February 2013

    Wed, 2013-02-06 14:59 — Benjamin Bieker


    February 24th

    San Francisco Open

    Kezar Pavilion

    Scotty Nelson gets his Black Belt from Jeff Glover

    Tue, 2013-02-05 20:36 — Gumby

     Scotty Nelson, co-founder of OTM gts his well deserved black belt from none other than the Pipe Layer himself, Jeff Glover.


    Toquinho vs. Avellan - Heel Hook Heard 'Round the World

    Fri, 2013-01-25 06:45 — DanFaggella

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     Dan Faggella is a No Gi Pan Am Champion, a BJJ School Owner, and Writer for Jiu Jitsu Magazine, Jiu Jitsu Style (UK), and More. A Recognized Leg Lock Instructor, Dan is Giving Away a Free Heel Hook DVD (with Breakdowns of “Toquinho’s” Awesome Matches) with his Leg Lock Mastery Program at


    Here again for "#FootlockFriday" here at with another leg lock breakdown.

    RIP Mr. Jim

    Wed, 2013-01-23 21:07 — Gumby

    Just a quick note of condolences for the Alliance Team in Atlanta for the loss of Jim McPherson, passed away just shy of his 62 birthday after a yearlong battle with colon cancer, surrounded and comforted by loved ones.

    Drug Testing at the Pan Ams: How will it work?

    Wed, 2013-01-23 13:16 — Benjamin Bieker

    While drug testing has not been done in most BJJ tournaments, it looks like the IBJJF is trying to level the playing field for their first big tournament of the year. That is because at the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships, planned to be held from March 20-24, the IBJJF is going to have an anti-doping testing program implemented. The testing is going to be done by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

    Drug Testing in the iBJJF

    Wed, 2013-01-23 12:28 — Gumby

     USJJF is pleased to announce it has contracted with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to provide an anti-doping testing program at the Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships, to be held at the Bren Event Center in Irvine, Calif., on March 20-24, 2013.

    USADA is the national anti-doping organization for the United States, and runs the U.S. testing program for the Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan-American movements, in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

    Heroes Submission Only Tournament San Jose

    Mon, 2013-01-21 22:57 — Gumby


    We are one week away from the Heroes Sub 1 Tournament on January 26 in San Jose CA!


    Register here:


    #1 COLORADO SUPER CUP BJJ GI & NOGI with open registrations

    Mon, 2013-01-21 10:06 — OTM News

     Carlos Santos a 3 times IBJJF former World Champion and the creator of World Pro BJJ Cup in Abu Dhabi, is launching in US his tournament series the SUPERCUP BJJ – Gi & NOGI Tournament.

    Gumby's Column: Holding Ourselves to a Higher Standard

    Fri, 2013-01-18 15:05 — Gumby


    I had posted this on my Facebook page a few days ago, bait more off the cuff from my usual style, with the intent of expanding on this later.  But I am reposting this here on OTM word for word.  


    "Give a horrific and tragic turn of events in our community of Jiu Jitsu, I've had a number of conversations and have been asked to share my thoughts with quite a few people. I am shook by what happened as well, and I'm measuring my response now to be thoughtful and responsible.

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