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 My name is Ricky Bagnoli. I am 25 years old and I live in Daytona Beach, FL. 
I work for my family's Coffee Business, Christopher Bean Coffee & Tea Company. We are the largest Gourmet Coffee Company in the state of Florida. I currently hold a position as the Marketing Director. We offer our coffee on our website at , in offices, in Publix Grocery stores, and in our 2 Coffee shops here in Daytona Beach.
I have newly found a passion for MMA and have been training hard 5 days a week for the past year. I specialize in Bjj, submission grappling, and wrestling. I also enjoy boxing, and muay thai. I compete roughly 8-10 times a year in the state of Florida. I carry a high white belt and my blue has got to be just around the corner, i wrestled for my high school, and Grappling is my every day routine. I train under Sean Wells a Brown belt in Bjj who runs his school at Daytona Grappling and Jiu jitsu. We are currently trying to get a new gym up and running, im sure you know how that goes!! 
I also surf competitivly and cary a clothing sponsor or ERGO clothing and a board sponsor of Orion surfboards. Also, at CB we have created a sponsorship program in which I manage in my spare time and have grown it nationally in only 2 years. Unfortuneatly the budget for such a program has dwindled down in the turn of the economy.
I am a soon to be father of my first son Carter Christopher Bagnoli.
My future goals are to become a great grappler, work for my black belt, and make an AM run in MMA, and see where I end up!!!
I would also love to get involved in the MMA industry some way some how. I have Great experience in the person to person world, and have excelled in Marketing the past 5 years with my position at the family biz..  I am very loyal to whatever im involved in and have true passion behind everything I do. 
I would love an oppritunity to work with OTM I can promise your success on my behalf and I can be exactly what your looking for.
In a nut shell.

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