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One day the young man inside me looked at the old man in the mirror and said "What the Fuck Happened to You?". I needed to get in shape, Gyms had never worked for me as I found that I missed the team aspect that I had enjoyed from the sports of my youth (Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Rugby and Kempo Karate). The all grappling format of Heroes was of interest to myself and my wife as we both agreed I was too old to get punched in the face. I originally started at Heroes just so I could get my Old Fat Ass back in some kind of shape.
So in June of 2009 this OLD FAT BASTARD went to his first class at Heroes. After that first class my knees hurt, my lungs hurt my hands ached and I discovered ten or twelve muscles I didn't even know I had. But as I lay on my bed that night trying to recover I realized I was hooked. Now seven months later, 31 pounds lost and a couple of stripes under, or I should say around my belt I'm loving it even more. The days I can't make it to the Dojo due to my hectic work schedule I am truly disappointed.
I have to thank all the instructors at Heroes, Alan "Gumby" Marques of coarse but also Chuck and Shozo the Judo instructors, Scott, Dino and Ed from the wrestling program. I could not have even started the long road to getting in shape without you guys, Thanks.

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