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Jason Grill
Jason Grill attended Saint Louis University and graduated as summa cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a minor in Political Science. His studies did not end there, he also studied International Economics in Rome, Italy while at SLU through the University of Loyola-Chicago. As a lawyer, Jason has worked on law firms before such as Hardy & Bacon LLP, Kansas City Law Firm of Shook, the St. Louis Law Firm of Thompson Coburn LLP, and at The White House in Washington D.C. As a lawyer in Kansas, he was elected in the year 2006 in the Missouri House of Representatives to represent Kansas City and the surrounding municipalities.

After LSU, Jason went to University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law where he earned an Advanced Certificate in Dispute Resolution. During law school, he went back to D.C. to work for CNN Washington D.C. Bureau where he was the top assistant to senior correspondent Brooks Jackson. Jason is into radio, tv, writing and online commentary and teaches undergraduate and MBA graduate level courses in economics, politics and law as an Adjunct Professor at Park University.

Jason's first session in Missouri House of Representatives earned him position of Treasurer of the Bipartisan Freshman Member Caucus. He was elected unanimously. Jason made a history as being the only freshman member of the minority party to sponsor and pass a bill in Missouri House. He was also the only freshman member of the minority party to handle and pass a senate bill during the legislative session in the year 2007.

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