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Startup business consulting

Ron Tester is a serial entrepreneur and business consultant specializing in bootstrapping startups and small businesses. In the past 11 years he has created 3 businesses within the senior services industry (healthcare and related businesses). He has also consulted with a variety of startups and small businesses from opportunity evaluation through customer discovery/validation/creation and ultimately to company building. He has extensive, hands-on experience in business development and systematization, marketing, team development and customer service.

Typical clients include those who have an idea for a business but aren’t sure how to know whether they should commit the time, money and energy to pursue their idea and/or whether they can turn it into a viable, sustainable, profitable business through Startup business consulting. Other clients have already started their businesses and then realize they need a mentor, someone with the perspective and insight that only come from the experience of having done what they are attempting to do.

When starting his first company 11 years ago, Ron agonized over choosing the best strategy and tactics from an endless array of options, learning all he could about business development, human resources, finance, customer service and other things most entrepreneurs struggle with. Many days he wished he had someone to call, a guide with experience that could tell him what was critical and what was merely a distraction. He read countless books about every aspect of running a startup and small business. Eventually, he hired consultants to help him make his business better, to help him create something he dreamed about but didn’t know how to make happen. And the most expensive and disheartening lesson he learned was that the high-priced consultants didn’t know how, either.

The high-priced consultants were typically corporate consultants with fancy degrees, accustomed to floating in and out of businesses with huge budgets and little accountability. They could throw around jargon, argue for their exorbitant fees, and analyze the business on a granular level. But they couldn’t give Ron the practical advice, the straightforward steps he needed to make his business better. Instead, they would say things such as, “Hire better people” or “Get more input from your CPA.” And the reason they couldn’t tell him how to fix things is because they had never actually done it. They had great experience from pedigree firms, but they didn’t know how to do things like a bootstrapper. That is something which Ron learn from experience.

That is the secret of Ron’s success, as a business owner and as a consultant. He understands the world of the bootstrapper, the guy who may or may not have a line of credit at the local bank but isn’t being hotly pursued by venture capitalists or Wall Street tycoons seeking to take his business public. Ron’s ideal client is someone with a great idea and an impeccable work ethic, someone who understands that turning a dream into a profitable business is possible with a good idea, good advice, and a tremendous amount of hard work.

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