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hemp lucky gi BJJ

New HEMP Lucky Gi Release

The problem with some Gis out there is that they are not actually real hemp or they are not quality hemp. Took me 6 months tio make this BJJ Gi. Been doing this almost 20 years. Quality over quantity. This Gi fits better and better with each wash rather than the opposite where they shrink...

BJJ Street Fight video

Who says BJJ doesn’t work in a Street Fight?

This BJJ Fighter took it way to easy on these drunks.  Should have smashed them. I made this mistake playing the gentle art in a street fight, almost lost my eye doing it and ended up getting bit. Fact is if you are in a street fight.  Don't be nice.  Get it over and get...

Arm Lock Theory Breakdown by Arm Hunter Dan Camarillo video

The Most Complete Arm Lock Theory Breakdown by Arm Hunter Dan Camarillo

Dan is known in the BJJ world as the Arm Hunter because he has finished so many matches by arm lock. Many of his arm locks are flying attacks or in a transition from a throw, pass, or sweep. The details in this video are amazing. Check Out Camarillo Jiu Jitsu in Bakersfield, CA  ...


UFC News and Notes: Fights and Injuries

UFC News and Notes will tell you all the big match ups and injuries that are rocking the MMA world at this moment. Is there any fight that excite you? UFC News and Notes: Paige Van Zant vs. Alex Chambers Paige Van Zant is someone that everyone wants to see fight for the title but...


UFC 189 Shakeup After Injury

UFC 189 is tracking to be one of the biggest events in a long time for the UFC but could a last minute injury change that million PPV buys? UFC 189 could potentially do over one million Pay Per View Buys according to UFC president Dana White but the card suffered a potentially disastrous injury...

UFC Fight Night 70 Predictions MMA

UFC Fight Night 70 Predictions: Machida vs. Romero

UFC Fight Night 70 Predictions will tell you who we think should win all the big fights this coming weekend. Do you agree with all of our predictions? UFC Fight Night 70 Predictions: Main Event Lyoto Machida vs. Yoel Romero Machida thought he was on his way to another title shot but was absolutely destroyed...


July Competition Calendar

July 11th WHITE OUT 3 11316 Burbank blvd North Hollywood CA 91601 Sign Up Here! NEWCASTLE OPEN Benfield Sports Centre Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Sign Up Here! THE GOOD FIGHT PHILLY JIU-JITSU CHALLENGE 611 Parkway Dr. Broomall, PA 19008 Sign Up Here! AMERICAN NATIONAL JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP UFC Fan Expo – Sands Expo 201 Sands Ave. Las Vegas, NV...

Cassio Werneck & Helio Gracie Review Gracie Self Defense 1993 video

Cassio Werneck & Helio Gracie Review Gracie Self Defense 1993

Self Defense or Street Defense has always been at the roots of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Here we see BJJ World Champion Cassio Werneck black belt taking the time to review and discuss Street Defense with Master Helio Gracie. Some people say the roots of BJJ have been killed by the sport game. But the old...


Dad’s Are RAD Sale! 25% Off Everything!

I've always had a HUGE inner conversation about how to let my Father know how much I appreciated him.  He did a lot for me. Even supported me starting the OTM Fight Shops back in 2006. But, it wasn't always like that. When I quit my tech job back in 2002 to move to Brazil...