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    Tue, 2004-09-07 16:57 — OntheMat

    Now all OTM Produced TAPES are $15 until September 17th!

    Welcome back to the completely redesigned Have a look around.

    Dirty Larry

    Tue, 2004-09-07 15:45 — Scotty

    During the day "Dirty" Larry Estevan is our mild mannered reviews editor. Known for his rapier sharp wit, Larry not only supercedes the cutting edge of jiu jitsu technology, he can actually peer into the future (future future).

    By night he transforms into the superhero "Club Kid" where he is always, ALWAYS prepared to have a good time.

    If you have any products that need to be reviewed, parties that need to be attended or just want a good discussion on the benefits of Nanotechnology (future future) you can reach larry at

    Mr. Bean

    Tue, 2004-09-07 15:30 — Scotty

    Justin "Mr. Bean" Serulneck is a world reknown partier, freelance writer, and aspiring filmmaker. His freelance work has been published in the pages of Gracie Magazine and Grappling Magazine. He has also written three spec
    scripts, and will soon begin his forth. His latest
    one is entitled A Boy in Rio. He works for an independent film studio. Justin welcome all interest
    in collaborative efforts.

    Prior to becoming a writer, Justin was a management

    Carl Fisher

    Tue, 2004-09-07 15:17 — Scotty

    Carl Fisher has been cover MMA and Grappling Events in Europe since 1998. He has contributed a great number of reports and interviews and has trained all over Europe, including an extended stay in Scandinavia.

    Currently Carl is busy with his club at Gracie Barra Machester in Bolton. He can be contacted at

    Adisa Banjoko

    Tue, 2004-09-07 13:42 — Scotty

    Adisa Banjoko is a respected journalist that has appeared in The Source, The Harvard Hip Hop Archive, XXL, Vibe, Grappling, Yoga Journal,,, Pacific News Service, and

    Under the pen name "The Bishop of Hip Hop", he has entertained many with his work on Hip Hop culture, eastern philosophy, martial arts, Islamic culture, and African American social issues. He also hosts the One Mic Radio show, which is downloadable at

    Eric "Whakball" Jones

    Tue, 2004-09-07 13:33 — Scotty

    Whakball is one of the premiere editors and filmmakers in the world of Extreme Sports and his style and advice was a definite influence on the direction of OntheMat from the very beginning. In addition, Whakball is the DJ and Musical Director for the X-Games, probably the most recognizable and high profile X-Treme Sports production. We`ve been lucky enough to have him working with us on a number of video projects for

    Cade "Grapplecaun" Nelson

    Tue, 2004-09-07 13:26 — Scotty

    Cade is the younger brother of Scotty and although he has only become involved in the sport of jiujitsu as a practitioner within the last year or so it was his generous technical support and donation of webspace that made OntheMat a reality in the first place.

    Cade is often found OntheMat recording everything in sight. He has released his own best selling compilation of footage entitled "Grapplebook". When not training or filming, Cade is also one of Southern California`s most popular house Djs.

    Dave Camarillo

    Tue, 2004-09-07 13:24 — Dave Camarillo

    Dave Camarillo is a black belt in both judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has earned a fearsome reputation as a competitor at the highest levels of both sports. Dave probably has the most beautiful flying armlock in the world. In addition, he has trained a great number of champions who have also enjoyed enormous success in both the grappling and MMA circuits.

    Marc Laimon

    Tue, 2004-09-07 13:17 — Anonymous

    Marc Laimon probably loves the sport of jiujitsu more than anyone we`ve ever encounted. The man literally breathes, eats and sleeps jiu-jitsu and has a personal tape collection that rivals the OntheMat library. (Rumor has it he will step off the mat long enough to school someone in Halo however).

    Marc has been contributing to OntheMat for sometime now, and is the editor of the best selling "ReMix" and "Tournament Tested Techniques" series. He is currently training his team at Cobra Kai Jiu jitsu in Las Vegas.

    Scandinavian BJJ belt grades

    Tue, 2004-09-07 11:04 — Carl Fisher

    Scandinavian BJJ belt grades: this list is by no means complete and exhaustive, they were compiled with the help of all the academies I trained at throughout my trip;

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