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Connection Rio - August 2nd, 2010 (Watching Rio Open, training again, eating cakes, sweets, and saying goodbye to good people)

    Fri, 2010-08-06 06:38 — mad jack the hat

    Gordo winning the Rio Open is a good way to start this blog I think with the support of the whole team Gordo showcased his solid jiu-jitsu by working his way through hes division like a knife through butter and not changing his facial expression, until he won the finals and held his son in his hands. Everyone was so hyped up to watch Gordo's fights. He's a role model inside and outside the gym and a family guy who lives life only to be happy and pass on knowledge. (I will post a video of his fights below).
    The training sessions now in the gym are very mixed, the people who did not do so well at the tournaments are full of questions for the higher ranked belts and people that won are full of energy and keeping the vibe positive.
    Christie,  Nev, Piers, Kyle, J Dog, Justin and Ritchie, Gandi and John Mac leaving over the past 2 weeks has left the house with just a few people and for some reason everyone has moved into my room, so there is one common room packed and the other is empty. I take this as a compliment. It was a shame that the guys left and it sucked even more when Christie left, as I shared some great times with her and made a good connection with her, but thanks to Skype were still in contact.
    The only plus about people leaving is that there seems to be a trend to leave me a goodie bag off food they haven’t finished and coins they haven’t spent and if I'm lucky, some old gis. So anyone looking to come out, take note to any one thinking of coming.
    6 months here and feeling local. Although I have traveled to Brazil before and spent time here, this is the 1st time I have walked around and felt like a local.......or even a local gringo if than makes sence. I'm not one to pass another person and not say hi and that's lead to me meeting some awesome people around Barrinia. People travel pretty far to work here, so I meet people from all over Rio.
    Pedra Gavea hike...... again, this place will never get old and never tire me out. I love the buzz of taking new people up there so much. It's a great way for the house to bond and with the arrival of my mate Matt Dickens from the UK, I thought it was a good idea to take the house up there. 13 people left for the hike and 8 people made it to the top rock. 7 had it not been for some team work.
    New podcasts are up on the connection rio site, so stay tunned .........
    Until next time, keep it mad
    “If it ain't mad, it ain't Jack”

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