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Connection Rio - August 25th blog with No-Gi fight

    Wed, 2010-08-25 07:46 — mad jack the hat

    Hey people, this week has mostly been training and beach. Hmmmmmm not a bad life. We have been working on holes in my game, before the Novo Leblon Cup and had lots of people to train with due to the house being full.
    The sun has come out in Rio and we have all made the most of it: tanning oil, sun cream, deckchairs, and food.
    Me, Niall, Tommy, Jeff, Haider, Da Boss and Sam all went to the beach to swim tan and perv. It's funny how you become adjusted to different climates like the lil speedos. The guys were here now I personally thought they look as gay as rainbows, but now I won't go to the beach without wearing my sunga. It's great to swim in and drys really quick and also another bonus to this little bit of lycra is when the bomba boys (a nickname I give to the steroid users here on the beach) when they stand next to me flexing there pecs I simply play with my junk, until some blood flows there and stand next to them showing the only muscle women really care about.
    Apart from being at the beach, I have been training a lot over the past few weeks. Guard passes and sweeps, due to the past few years just doing MMA. It's a part of my game that has fallen behind a lot and I can  see it improving a lot.
    The arrival of a few new people in the house like Jeff a guy from southern California is a purple belt  and good training partner and really loves being out here. Sam a Belgian guy who from the outlooks is very normal, but this guy is as crazy as they come. He's like a younger looking gold member (Austin Powers). Kareem is from the Jersey Shore, but anything but a Guido. He's an enthusiastic white belt who is looking for his blue soon.
    The whole other side of the house has been taken over by the Ecuadorians from Predador Jiu-Jitsu. They were all very kind people, a pleasure to train with, and very respectful. Although we didn't see them much through the time they were here, the girls couldn't help but ask us handsome :-) guys to go to a bar with them. It was a good night out and a few guys from the gym were there too, so a good chance for some of the new people to get to know them more.
    Being here for a while like myself and Jeremy, it's important not to lose sight of how big a deal this is to people. It's really is like a dream and it's great to know I'm a part of helping people's dreams come true and Dennis an even greater part. The amount of time I've taken for granted, the golden beaches, clear waters, amazing juices, new foods, beautiful half naked women, the training, and the complete lifestyle that Rio has to offer, I'm really happy I have new people here all the time to remind me how lucky I am.
    Mad Jack The Hat
    If it ain't mad, it ain't Jack


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    Jack?  What happened at the

    Jack?  What happened at the end of the fight? Seems like it cut off?

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    mad jack the hat's picture

    ill explain, i wasnt told the

    ill explain, i wasnt told the rules and being no gi i assumed it was no gi rules especially when he neck cranked me then i attempted 3 heel hooks and took the last one home with me i was disqualified but i concider it a win

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    What happened?

    Jack?  What happened at the end of the fight? Seems like it cut off?

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