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    Wed, 2004-10-06 22:19 — Denis Martins

    September 25th 2004 Juiz de Fora Sport Club JUIZ DE FORA

    With a record of three defeats in his last three fights, Marcelo 'Uriapuru' Azevedo(Gracie Barra-BH). Was definitely not a favorite to win the 8 man tournament at Juiz de Flora 1. However with a revamped game, 'Uirapuru' surpassed the expectations and the picks to beat in a war Felipe 'Mongo' Arinelli(WFC), followed by a submissions in the semifinals and in the grand final. On the semifinal against Henrique 'Lango'(Gold Fighters); 'Uriapuru' was smart to impose a solid game and defeated 'Lango' quickly to arrive at the final with plenty of stamina. A good job, by the grabbing the Lango's ankle in R2. Lango over by decision the veteran of BSF and AFC Brazil, Eric Tavares(Ruas VT) in quarter-finals. Tavares was notably out of shape and after being dominated in R2, his despair was seen when he made a flying elbow in R3 like a ProWrestler. On the other hand, the lightest and smallest fighter of the competition, the 'little giant' Pedro Santos from BUDOKAN, went to the final in a dramatic way. First he beati Renato Vieira(BTT) by decision in a fight that Santos ate a lot of jabs to the left eye. The second fight against the Luta-Livre's 'Chocolate'(RFT) wasn't much different. 'Chocolate' was the only fighter of all tournament that didn't spend three rounds to beat his first match, when he imposed a brutal KO combo over Chimansky(Tyger Gym) in R1. So in the semifinals Santos couldn`t avoid the ground and pound of 'Chocolate' in the middle of round 2 and suffered a lot of blows in the injured eye. However the blood didn't stop Santos, and he arrived at the final to face the competent 'Uriapuru', who didn't spend much time in the semifinals. 'Uriapuru' dominated all action on the final, he took Santos down early on the R1 and kept himself in the mount position. Santos survived and got to turn the position; dropping in the guard of 'Uriapuru'. R1 elapsed fast and when the R2 started, 'Uriapuru' made a replay of R1 to handle Santos and finish the bout at the 2:20 by rear naked choke. The event also displayed two singles matches. The local fighters constructed a record of 1-1 against the outside fighters, 'Abu'(Ricardo Marques/Carlos Silva) defeated Souza(Gracie Barra-BH) by decision and Drumond(Gracie Barra-BH) split decisioned PASSARINHO(Carlson Gracie Team) in rwo brawls where nobody left the ring without a cut on the face. On the superfight, Petterson Melo(Boxe Thai) overwhelmed Adriano 'Nasal' Pereira(BTT) by unanimous decision. Melo stated after his last fight in AFC Brazil that he'd not fight on the ground in his next bout of his career and it was what we watched. 'Nasal' got right in with punches in the Melo's face during the match, but he wanted to fight on the ground and the ground fight wasn't seen often on this fight. A kick on the ribs early on R3 eaten by 'Nasal' changed a balanced pace at favor of Melo that precluded Nasal's game of finding a way to take him to the ground and try to finish the fight. Melo now is 6-1-0 in MMA and an opportunity outside Brazil would be welcome. The challenge: After the second single match of the event, Bruno Carvalho(Champions Factory) who fought a Muay Thai match at AFC Brazil 1, challenged Alex Gaze(Boxe Thai) to fight at next Juiz de Fora-Fight. About this episode Gaze said to us: - 'I only have two MMA fights and my record is 1-1-0. I don't understand why everybody wants to face me, this is the third or second challenge that I've to reply to, I think it's fashion to challenge me. Do you want to challenge me too?" (laughs) Conclusion: It is nice to see again the 8 man tournaments. In the modern era, with very well trained fighters, to win three fights in same night is nearly impossible because of arriving in the finals injured or too much tired. A quick victory is very important in the first fights, to be rested on the grand-final. 'Uriapuru' won his first fight by decision and put the final against Santos in his favor at beating Lango before the final of three rounds. Single Match: - Adriano Abu decisioned Rafael Souza by split 8 man tournament - quarter-finals - Henrique Lango (Gold Fighters) decisioned Erik Tavares (Ruas VT) by split - Marcelo Uriapuru Azevedo (Gracie Barra-BH) decisioned Felipe Mongo Arinelli by split - Leonardo Lucio Chocolate Nascimento (RFT) KO'd Eder Chimanski (Tyger GYM) at 4:25 of R2 - Pedro Santos (BUDOKAN) decisioned Renato Vieira (BTT) by unanimous decision Single match - Cassio Drumond (Gracie Barra-BH) decisioned PASSARINHO (Carlson Gracie Team) by split Semifinals - Uriapuru submitted Lango by anklelock at 3:35 of R2 - Santos decisioned Chocolate by unanimous Super-Fight - Petterson Melo (Boxe Thai) decisioned Adriano Nasal Pereira (BTT) by unanimous 8 man tournament grand-final - Uriapuru submitted Santos by rear naked choke at 2:20 of R2

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