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Nashiville Grappling Open

    Sun, 2004-09-05 17:17 — Gumby

    Nashiville Grappling Open
    May 11, 2002

    I got to hang out with NFL cheerleaders, and you didn`t.

    There`s just no way of telling that story without coming off as a total bastard, is there? In the past few years of traveling on behalf of we`ve (Scotty and myself) have traveled all over the country and world to bring you the best coverage of jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, and mixed martial arts. Along the way we`ve partied with beauty contestants, models, strippers, porn stars, actresses, and everything in between. But we`ve never met NFL cheerleaders up until this point. Of course, that`s not what brought me to Nashville, Tennessee on this occasion.

    What brought me to Nashville was to see what kind of grapplers the South Eastern United States had. Without the benfit of high concentration of instructors (of course, I tend to compare everything to my native California) the SouthEast has a talented growing pool of grapplers. Although this tournament was small, it was well run, friendly and exhibited a high level of skill.

    Pretty much everyone I met was a new face (well, some names were familiar, glad to put faces to all of you). No teams competition either, just individual competitor laying it on the line and having a good time. The highlight videos contain some of the best moments of the day.

    I will be returning to the South East for the Music City Grappling Championships.

    BTW, did I mention I got to hang out with NFL cheerleaders?

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