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Nino Schembri Interview

    Tue, 2004-09-07 10:08 — Scotty

    Nino Interview 2000.

    We saw Nino almost everyday at Gracie Barra. This guy loves to train. I've gotten a few emails asking if we could interview Nino. Well we were on step ahead of you. We hooked up with him and kicked back. Nino is kinda a quite guy, but we still got some good stuff from him.

    OTM: First of all Abu Dabi, why didn't you have to fight in the trials?
    N: Because I talked to the guy in charge and he asked me if I would like to compete. I told them that I love submission rules and I would love to go. So I don't have to go to the trials.

    OTM: What do you think of the rules of Abu Dhabi?
    N: I like because the first five minutes there are no points. The rules are set up more for the fighter who likes to submit like me. I like that the guy on top has to force the ground game. He cannot just stand up. This is good for the jiu-jitsu guys. I love this.

    OTM: What do you think about the one point loss for jumping to the guard?
    N: It's not good for me but I will try. If I lose one point I know I have to try and get the finalization or points.

    OTM: Have you change you game for the rules?
    N: Yes I have been trying more chokes and sweeps because it is difficult to finish a strong guy in an armbar or uma plata. So I have been practicing more chokes and sweeps.

    OTM: Who do you think will win the super fight between Sperry and Travern?
    N: I don't know, it will be a great fight. I think Sperry is stronger but Travern has a good guard.

    OTM: Who have you been training with to get ready for the Abu Dhabi?
    N: I train here at Gracie Barra with Marcio Feitosa, Cachorrino, The Giant Phillipao, and Sol. Training with everybody here because I have a good master, Carlos Gracie.

    OTM: What do you think it takes to become a jiu-jitsu champion like yourself?
    N: When you train you have to always look for ways to finalize like Renzo Gracie. I think Renzo is the best.

    OTM: What does your training regiment consist of?
    N: I train a lot; I run, swim, lift weights lightly and stretch a lot everyday.

    OTM: Do you do Yoga?
    N: No only stretch but everyday.

    OTM: What is your diet? What do you eat any special foods?
    N: I eat a lot of everything but no sugar and I try to eat healthier. I like spaghetti and Italian food because my father is Italian.

    OTM: Do you like Acai?
    N: Man, I am in the Guinness world record holder for eating seven bowls of Acai.

    OTM: Seven at once?
    N: Yes seven.

    OTM: Do you take any supplements?
    N: Yes only Creatine and Myoplex. Only this.

    OTM: Do you know that you have a nick name in America...El Nino`?
    N: I like, I like this. It means strong.

    OTM: Have you seen the videotape called El Nino with a lot of your fights on it? It?s very exciting because you finish most if not all of your opponents.
    N: No but I like.

    OTM: We hear you are making a videotape with all your fights and selling it on the Internet.
    N: Yes maybe in the future. (check back for details)

    OTM: Watching you train, I have seen so many moves and techniques that I have never seen before. How do you develop a game like this?
    N: I like only to finalize and I try to create new techniques for finalization. I don't like points that much. When I am in tournament, of course I have to watch for points but I like to finalize. I like to finish the guys because it shows you are good, kind of like Elvis in the movies, you understand? (Nino is a BIG Elvis fan)

    OTM: Is there anything else you would like to say?
    N: I will do my best any try to finish everyone at Abu Dhabi and I want to thank my sponsor Bad Boy and Gracie Barra.

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