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Phantom Street Fighter Media Master Ajarn Nelson Muay Thai Specialist Seminar for the Disabled in San Leandro CA

    Sat, 2011-03-12 12:43 — OTM News

    SAN LEANDRO, Calif., March, 10th 2011 ­ Phantom Street  Fighter Media, a
    family-owned and operated  public relations  firm dedicated to improving and
    saving  lives through the Martial Arts, announced today that Master Ajarn
    Nelson  will teach a self defense class for  the  developmentally disabled
    on Tuesday,  March 15th 2011  from  2:00 to 4:00 PM. The two hour class will
    take place at the San Leandro Fuller Gardens at 2390   East 14th Street San
    Leandro, Ca.  94577-6084
    The FREE Fuller Gardens self defense seminar organized by Phantom Street
    Fighter Media.  The World Renowned Muay Thai Specialist Ajarn Nelson will be
    visiting and Teaching Self Defense Seminar for the Developmentally Disabled
    at the Fuller Gardens residence.     Master Ajarn Nelson will teach Fuller
    Gardens and its Residence how to protect themselves.

    Master Ajarn Nelson quoted, ³This class is designed to give the local
    residence basic   but effective skills when threatened.  ³Good self defense
    skills begin with primary prevention first   in developing a situational
    awareness of one¹s environment and its surroundings in utilizing some basic
    tools that we all have, such as our eyes, ears, mouth and hands.²
    Unfortunately a threat can easily escalate to the physical, and some basic
    preparation is certainly beneficial. Seminar participants will be
    individually taught how to avoid being grabbed, how to escape from
    threatening situations, and how to take control of the situation if needed.
    ³Residence attending the free seminar will be learning from a true Master in
    the Arts of Muay Thai,² added Christine Schwartz whose sister Francine
    Schwartz is a resident. ³Master Ajarn Nelson has studied martial arts for
    over 40 years beginning in Thailand. His years of experience, coupled with
    his involvement of being a trainer for many of the Professional Fighters who
    are practicing the mixed martial arts, will provide great insight to the
    residents. This is a great opportunity for individuals of Fuller Gardens or
    anyone who has ever been a victim of crime or robbed.
    ³During the seminar   Master Ajarn Nelson will discuss prevention first
    followed by examining potential scenarios where an individual may be
    attacked. ³The seminar will have a real hands-on approach. Students will
    learn practical techniques which are effective and easy to execute. The
    seminar will take place in a safe and supportive environment, and residence
    will learn how to stay safe, avoid being a victim in becoming more
    The cost to attend the seminar is free for its residence.
    For more information or to register please contact LaCisha Isiah
    Property Manager
    Eden Housing Management, Inc.
    Fuller Garden/Fuller Lodge/Estabrook Senior
    Phone: 510-618-1680 / 510-347-5800
    Fax: 510-618-1679 / 510-347-5801

    Tara Victoria
    Phantom Street Fighter Media
    Media Situational Activist and Press Officer:
    213 880 8867.

    The Phantom Street Artist international Publicity and Design Firm named
    Phantom Street Fighter Media creatively services our Mix Martial Arts
    Community through the Arts.   The Phantom Street Artist has created and
    produced diverse and distinguished campaigns, projects and exclusive works
    of Art for many groups and causes in our MMA fight community.   The Phantom
    Street Artist most recent project includes creating the David Schultz
    Champion of Champions Memorial Trophy which was presented at this year CIF
    California Wrestling Championships.

     The Phantom Street Artist a fight enthusiast as well as a Designer who
    branded the Album Cover for Rage against the Machine, This is the first of
    many Art Saves Lives projects which marks the tradition of passing on
    recognition through the Arts for its mixed martial arts community and the
    next generation of young fight talent.

    Joey Krebs the Phantom Street Artist
    323 447 7416

    March 10th 2011

    Master Ajarn Nelson
    626 831 1010

    From: Joey Krebs the Phantom Street Artist
    To:  Master Ajarn Nelson
    Re: Phantom Street Fighter Media Master Ajarn Nelson Muay Thai Specialist
    Teaches Self Defense Seminar for the Disabled in San Leandro FULLER GARDENS

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