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Roberto Traven interview

    Tue, 2004-09-07 11:37 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    2 times world Champion, Abu Dhabi Open Division Champion, and Multiple Brazilian State Champion

    Baleia- How long have you been training BJJ?

    Traven- Seventeen years

    Baleia-Which major titles have you won in that time?

    Traven- 2 times world Champion, Abu Dhabi Open Division Champion, and Multiple Brazilian State Champion (*On a side note, Traven has also won the Russian Absolute Fighting Chmpionships, and is a veteran in both the RINGS organization and the UFC where he was 1-1.)

    Baleia- Who was your idol growing up in jiu-jitsu?

    Traven- Cassio Cardoso because he had a very good guard.

    Jacare- Cassio Cardoso was one fighter from Carlson Gracie that used to compete a lot in Brazil and he is the guy who had an exceptional guard.

    Baleia- Number one fighter in NHB in your opinion?

    Traven- Minotauro and Pedro Rizzo

    Baleia- What is your opinion of the new federation in BJJ in Brazil?

    Traven- For the sport of Jiu-jitsu this is good.

    Baleia- What do you think of the split in the Alliance?

    Traven- This is no good!

    Baleia- What are your future plans? Do you want to compete with the kimono again or do you want to have another shot at Vale Tudo?

    Traven- I don`t know right now, I want one more fight in Vale Tudo. But I don`t know!

    Jacare- He`s going to try to compete in regular competitions like gi or no gi tournaments.

    Baleia- How do you prepare for competitions?

    Traven- Jiu-jitsu and submission I train every day, and I work out 6 days a week

    Jacare- He prepares for gi and no gi tournaments like this! He does conditioning everyday. One day rest! He trains jiu-jitsu with and without the gi for 3 hours also everyday also one day break!

    Baleia- Do you still train with the Ruas Vale Tudo Team?

    Traven- I am. It`s good training for me there, I learn a lot and I train very hard there!

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