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    BTF Kids Plaid Print Board Shorts

    Fight Shorts with the plaid design

     Add some style to your game with these fight shorts from Built To Fight!


    Built to Fight Medicine Ball

    Build your core with these Industry favorites!


    Nobody makes a 20lb. medicine ball like this!

    100% Real Leather. 


    Built To Fight Super Fine Satin Thai Shorts

    Comfort for your Kickboxing training!

    Made of 100% Satin. 

    Available in 

    Color: Black, Blue, Red 

    Sizes: Small-XXL


    OTM Color Panel Rank Shorts

    Show them you train On The Mat!

    Choose your belt rank.

    These shorts show your rank without the belt. Great for training!




    Choose your belt rank.

    OTM Gold Weave Blank Gi

    Built to Last Years Of Training


    Blank except for the small OTM logos that hit the side arm. 

    Made of the softest goldweave ever, this gi was built for comfort, but still fitted and triple stitched to handle your toughest training sessions. 

    The 12oz Twill Cotton Denim pants are made to last forever. 

    Triple and Double stitched at every seam and fully reinforced crotch with triple gusseted. 


    Future Fighter 3 Star Zip Up Hoody

    Look cool while you're keeping warm by wearing our full-zip Super Extra-thick cotton-rich fleece hoody.

    Rugged full front zipper.

    14-oz. 80% cotton/20% polyester fleece



    Kennedy 1 Gallon Mat Cleaner

    Kills germs and keeps the mats clean!

     The Kennedy 1 Gallon Mat Cleaner help kill all bacteria that can infect your schools mats and students. From MRSA to Hepatitis nothing stand a chance when you apply the Kennedy Mat Cleaner. Only two ounces of this product will make a whole gallon of disinfectant, and the product should be applied after every training session.


    Kennedy Athletic Body Cleaning Wipes

    Economical! 180 wipes in each container!

     Kennedy Athletic Body Cleaning Wipes are perfect for after training and in between matches at tournaments especially if you do not have access to a shower. Their disinfecting power kills all the bacteria your skin comes into contact with on the mats. Plus, with 180 towels per container they should last you a long time!


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