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    Built to Fight Hawaiian Flag Boxing Gloves

    Show your Hawaiian pride with these NEW Hawaii Flag inspired Boxing Gloves!


    The gloves have one layer of soft density foam, the impact absorbed by foam which allows for no impact on the knuckle/wrist/elbow/shoulder.
    The closure is wrap around with Velcro to secure a snug fit!

    Available in 6 different weights.

    8 oz
    10 oz
    12 oz
    14 oz
    16 oz
    18 oz



    Lucky Gi Belt

    Worn by the Best!

    This is not a new school flimsy light weight belt, this is an old school Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi belt.
    100% Cotton, Woven Label, Traditional Brazilian Colors.
    IBJJF Legal. Built to last.

    A0 94"
    A1 109"
    A2 113"
    A3 118"
    A4 122"


    Absolute Fighting Championship 10 DVD

    AFC 10 - Absolute Fighting Championship 10

    October 31, 2004 Fort Lauderdale, FL. 


    3 ETAPA Ranking Estadual 2005 DVD

    From the camera of the legendary Paqueta! Jiu Jitsu Action -straight from Brazil!

    Gulherme Madeira x Marco Aurelio,
    Marcelo dos Santos x Alan Rodrigo de Moraes,
    Frederico Araujo x Joao Luis Chaves Jr.,
    Muzio de Angelis x Gustavo Granha,
    Frederico Araujo x Valdonisio Freitas,
    Guilherme Goraib x Alexandre Pimentel,
    Gustavo Granha x Marcelo Freitas,
    Rogerio Roggio x Marcio Paixao,
    Hermann Oliveira x Eduardo Soares,
    Muizo de Angelis x Marcelo Freitas,
    Alexandre Pimentel x Fabio Nascimento,
    Muzio de Angelis x Marcelo Freitas


    BTF MMA Thai Style Fight Glove

    Ultimate Combat Training Glove

    On Sale!!


     Split fingers at base for unimpeded ventialtion and dexterity. Longer fingers provide extra protection to the knuckles. 100% cow leather

    Size Chart:

    Measure from Pinky Knuckle to Index Finger Knuckle


    Black Belt Grand Prix 2

    Professional Jiu Jitsu, from Brazil -Straight from Brazil!


    OTM Gi Belt - Heavy Series

    New Style Gi Belts

    OTM Gi Belts are built to last!

    Hold your gi close and let people know what rank you are. Each belt is made from heavy duty cotton and has a four inch bar for stripes.
    Belt Lengths 


    DATM Guerilla Jiu Jitsu Judo Mullet & Joe Moreira Internationals Match

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