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U.S. Grappling - NC State Championships (Morrisville, NC)

Sat, 2010-03-27 8:00 - 18:00 America/New_York

US Grappling returns to North Carolina on 3/27/2010 for the NC State Championships. The tournament will be held at NetSports, in Morrisville, NC.

This event will have single elimination divisions for men, women, 30+ men, and juveniles (ages 4-17).Saturday weigh ins will be held from 8:30 AM to 10 AM for anyone competing in no gi divisions, and will be extended to noon for anyone that will only be competing in the gi. Competitors can also register and weigh in Friday night at the venue from 8-10 PM. Competitors do not need to wear the gi during weigh ins.

Tentative Event Schedule
Note – due to the nature of events, the schedule is tentative. We will adhere as closely to the schedule as possible, but some divisions may take longer than anticipated. As the event date approaches, this schedule will be adjusted.

Weigh ins begin – 8:30 AM
Weigh ins end for all Juvenile divisions: 9:30 AM
Weigh ins end for adult no gi divisions: 10:00 AM
Rules meeting 10:45 AM
Not before 11:00: Juvenile No Gi (All Skills)
Not before 11:00: Men’s Advanced No Gi
Not before 11:00: Women’s No Gi (All skills)
Not before 11:00: 30+ No Gi (All skills)
Not before 11:30: Men’s Intermediate No Gi
Not before 12:00: Juvenile Gi (All Skills)
Weigh ins end for all Gi Divisions 12:00 PM SHARP
Not before 12:30: Men’s Beginner No Gi
Not before 12:30: Men’s Novice No Gi
Not before 1:30: Men’s Purple/Brown/Black (these are separate divisions)
Not before 1:30: Women’s Gi (All belts)
Not before 1:30: 30+ Gi (All belts)
Not before 2:30: Men’s Blue Belt
Not before 3:00: Men’s White Belt

The absolute divisions will begin when the weight classes for that belt or skill have finished. For example, when all of the men’s advanced no gi divisions have finished, we will begin the men’s advanced absolute. The last division of the day will be the men’s white belt absolute.

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