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Ask a Black Belt Chapter 1

    Tue, 2010-09-21 13:43 — Gumby

    One of my students went around the Bay Area and asked us a few of the black belts the same questions.  Here is the video he put together (more to come)

    Question #1 - Have you ever used jiu jitsu in a self defense situation?

    Interviews with: Kurt Osiander, Luke Stewart, Alan Marques, and Dave Camarillo


    Note:  I opted to take the high road on this one.

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    Funny video! Agree with Dave

    Funny video! Agree with Dave 100%, after like 25ish imo you should realize who, what, when, where the problems are and stay away. 

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    what dave said is so true most conflicts can be avoided
    good interview.

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    Can we add stories even if we

    Can we add stories even if we are not a BB

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    Kibun! You can add what ever

    Kibun! You can add what ever you want!!
    Great Video!

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     This video was really cool.

     This video was really cool.  Gonna be hard to come up with any questions better than that one!! Nice one! loved the stories.  thank!

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    Ok so here is one of my JJ

    Ok so here is one of my JJ stories.
    So I am on patrol on new years eve several years ago. A friend of mine that I train with is also working. It is about 3 am and everyone in the public was fairly drunk. We respond to a party call as we had done all night. When we arrived on scene, we could several guys holding a drunk person in the front yard. The drunk was saying something along the line of F* the Police. We are standing there and we tell his friends go ahead and let the guy go, if he has something to say to us let him speak. His friends let him go and he ran right up to us. Well being drunk he had no real defense and as he attempted to punch my partner, my partner side step and grabbed the guy in what I can best describe as a standing arm triangle. He swept the guy to the ground and we both grabbed him and took him into custody.
    In the end he was not injured and after he sobered up he went home.

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