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Bj Penn X Matt Huges 3? NYE

    Tue, 2010-09-14 08:37 — Scotty

    This rummor seems to be floating around.  What do you guys think?

    I hate to see Bj get smashed by hughes again. :( But it doesnt seem like Bj really has the fire anymore and hughes seems to be building his up again.

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    I like Penn in this fight

     I like Penn in this fight.
    Everyone has written off one of if not the greatest 155ers of all time. I agree that he looked sluggish in his last 2 fights but take into consideration that Edgar's speed would give just about anyone problems, as for Hughes his striking against Renzo looked horrible and I would bet my lunch money that Matt could not catch B.J. in a hail mary submission like the one that Almeida fell into.

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    Before the second Edgar fight I would say that this would be great as a motivated BJ would crush Hughes.  However, I thought BJ would definitely be motivated to get his title back and it didn't look like he wanted it.  Not even before the 2nd Edgar fight.  His walkout lacked the BJ intensity.  
    I'm not saying Edgar didn't fight a great fight cause he looked fantastic. 
    I hope BJ changes something about his upcoming fights.  Maybe time to work with some new guys?  Get some new people yelling at him in addition to his current team? 

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    Looks like Bj Just got offered a fight!

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    His twitter confirmed it was hughes!

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     I think Bj has to really get

     I think Bj has to really get motivated or Hughes is gonna retire him from the UFC for ever.  Which would be so bad cause then maybe we could see Bj back in ADCC or Worlds of BJJ. 

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    I would love to see the

    I would love to see the BJ Penn that kicks ass shows up and puts it on Matt Hughes. If not I do not want to watch it.

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    What Kibun Said!

    What Kibun Said!

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